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Quality Policy

Reaching the satisfaction of our Customers without any compromise we would like to stand out in the market as a supplier who remains reliable, flexible and ensures high availability of the offered products.

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In order to achieve such objectives we have been implementing and continuously improving the organization along with the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001: 2000, whose main distinguishing features are the following:

  • direct contact with Customers in order to achieve a thorough understanding of their needs and expectations and to establish clear rules of cooperation,
  • the development of new products in response to the knowledge of the market, including the needs of individual customers,
  • reliance on well-known, proven and qualified suppliers of raw materials and machinery,
  • systematic modernization of technology and technical equipment,
  • planning and monitoring of production processes using underlying marketing data and self-awareness of staff and knowledgeable technical supervision,
  • providing all employees with information necessary for their involvement via an effective information system,
  • thoughtful selection and development of staff covered by systematic training aimed at raising skills to ensure interchangeability of employees at individual production positions and creative attitude in their daily functioning and the development of the company.