Embossed film

ELA is the leading producer of embossed films in Europe. Embossed foils are products that are mainly used in the rubber industry. Our product at a certain stage of production of a finished rubber product serves as an interlayer for individual layers of a rubber mixture.

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Embossed film

Such film has a special embossed pattern (diamond 124 or linear), which minimizes the contact area of ​​the rubber mixture with the foil. Such film is characterized by very good strength parameters and temperature resistance.

The range of thickness on offer:

– before embossing 30 μm to 200 μm
– after embossing 150 μm to 700 μm

Embossed film

Such film is usually made in the form of a tape, in various colors, in widths from 100mm to 2500mm.

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