Application in the industry

For home and garden

The film market, which finds its application in the home and garden has been growing steadily, and therefore the offer of our company has been enriched with this type of materials. Our film is used in gardening, and among others when packing garden soil, ground bark substrates or fertilizers.

In term of home solutions – our film can be used to pack all kinds of household appliances, furniture, mattresses, etc. Details on specific applications for our film are provided below.

Foil for packing soil

Depending on customers’ requirements and intended uses, the film for the production of bags is made of LDPE, HDPE or MDPE.

Film for packing fertilizers and preparations

Our film is used wherever there is a need for a packaging resistant both to mechanical damage and harmful effects of weather conditions, UV.

Film for packing combustible materials

Film with print, in tapes, used to form packages with a back weld. Due to the packaging system, as well as the content.

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