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Application in the industry

Food industry

In terms of its intended use, packaging for food and beverages, that is for the food market, remains dominant and occupies about 65% of the entire packaging market.  Our company specializaes in the production of this type of packaging.

We are able to prepare, in accordance with the indications of our customers, any type of packaging, in which our polyethylene films play the leading role. Details on specific applications for our film are provided below.

Laminating foils

We produce film that has a very wide application in the production of laminates for the flexible packaging industry for various purposes.

Heat-shrink film

We produce high quality shrink film for bulk packaging of food and industrial products.

Foils for packaging fresh vegetables and fruits

We produce printed or plain tapes with food-contact approval, thanks to which they can be safely used when packaging.

Bags for packaging fresh vegetables and fruit

The company also offers heat sealing of wicket bags, straight OPP, CPP and PE bags and bags on rolls.

For flow pack packaging

We produce tapes for fast packaging on flow pack machines.

Foils for packaging frozen foods

Film intended for packing frozen products such as fruit, vegetables, meat or processed products

Foils for hygiene articles

Due to our technical capabilities of printing, as well as properly refined recipe, our company can boast about extensive experience in the production of packaging for the hygiene industry.

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