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Our flexographic printing house specializes in printing flexible packaging – PE, OPP and CPP film – for the food industry, hygienic articles (tissues, toilet papers, etc.).

Flexographic printing technique utilizes the highest quality digital printing forms and quick-drying paints, thanks to which the print is resistant to extreme temperatures that food packaging is often subjected to.

We specialize in 8-color surface and reverse printing on transparent or white substrates, and the printed film can be laminated.

Maintaining high quality of printouts is possible due to our own paint mixing room, equipped with an electronic system of color composition and measuring devices in the form of spectrophotometers, used in the process of setting up and controlling the production of the printing house.

We also use a color control system based on GMG software, which, combined with modern printing forms, allows us to achieve high compatibility of prints with a proof print. With two printers with a diverse set of anilox and mold rollers, we can print full-color packages in a wide range of reports – from sachets to bags and shrinkable packaging for beverages.

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