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The Quality Control Laboratory ensures continuous supervision of the production process, in accordance with the requirements of PN-EN ISO 9001, BRC and FDA. Qualified laboratory staff conducts comprehensive film testing, according to the methodology defined by Polish and European standards, and also take care of the compliance of parameters with the requirements of customers.

The laboratory is equipped with modern control and measuring equipment such as:

  • Zwick strength testing machines, which analyze mechanical parameters (tensile strength and relative elongation), coefficient of friction (COF), strength of the weld, puncture strength, strength of delamination,
  • laboratory welding machine, used for welding the film at a specified temperature and pressure,
  • oil bath for contractility testing,
  • opacimeter, used to examine the degree of whitening and transparency of the film,
  • HOT-TACK device for testing the heat sealing strength,
  • barcode verifier,
  • a set of micrometers for testing the thickness of the film.

The Quality Control Laboratory also deals with issuing quality certificates, compliance declarations and other documents required in the food industry.

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