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The company’s main activity is the production of polyethylene film by extrusion blow molding. The machine park of the extrusion hall consists of six three-layer lines that work in a continuous system, producing the highest quality film. Thanks to modern technologies, the company manufactures film within the range of 20 to 200 μm thicknesses and a maximum width of 2600 mm.

The production of foil by extrusion blow molding, thanks to the selection of appropriate parameters and raw materials, allows obtaining products with different mechanical and physicochemical properties, tailored to the customer’s needs.

All extruders are able to activate the film by means of electrostatic discharges, which causes modification of its surface, so as to provide it with printing properties and improve adhesion, which is crucial to the lamination process.

The company has a rich portfolio of technical films and those intended for contact with food. Close cooperation with our clients and meeting their needs all result in a continuous expansion of the offer with new, innovative solutions.

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