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Nowadays ecopolitics is an extremely important aspect in the field of environmental protection. How do we implement the environmental policy?

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Social responsibility and sustainable development constitute an integral part of business policy for Ela Wyrób Folii i Opakowań Sp. z o. o

In our company we pay special attention to environmental issues as well as occupational health and safety at every stage of the production process. Our Environmental Policy gets implemented by the following actions:

1. operating in accordance with applicable regulations and standards regarding environmental protection;

2. continuous investment in more and more modern machines and devices, with particular emphasis on energy efficiency and minimizing the consumption of raw materials. This is achieved through the following:

 a) successive replacement and the modernization of production lines;

 b) installation of Drycooler and Freecooling process liquid cooling system, which involves using the outside temperature in production processes;

 c) implementation in the Printing Department of the so-called “afterburners”, i.e. an installation of catalytic oxidation of gaseous pollutants, thanks to which we do not emit pollutants into the atmosphere;

 dcommissioning of a central system of collecting and dosing raw materials from silos;

 e) installing the most modern waste recycling machine for scrap created in the production process, which allows the use of the resulting regranulate by other, less demanding industries, e.g. for the production of sanitary pipes, garbage bags, etc.;

 f) making use of heat pump technology for heating office buildings;

 g) assembling an installation allowing for the use of heat energy generated during production processes to heat production halls;

 h) installing a system for returning the so-called scrap cuttings, which appear during the extrusion process;

3. running a program of systematic replacement of fluorescent lighting with more energy-efficient LED lamps;

4. introducing and strict adherence to internal regulations related to the reduction of waste;

5. minimizing the use of chemicals, especially in maintenance and sanitary facilities of production facilities, halls and other rooms;

6. waste segregation through the following:

 a) cooperation with specialized external companies in the field of waste segregation and collection;

 b) transferring used electronic equipment to a recycling company;

 c) implementation of specialized computer programs, which has reduced the use of paper;

9. educating employees and their involvement in activities conducive to environmental protection

10. providing employees with appropriate working conditions and resources for continuous development and modernization of the organization.

At Ela Wyrób Folii i Opakowań Sp z o.o. we are aware that the positive impact on the natural environment is also reflected in other benefits, which include the following: social acceptance of the company’s operations, raising the reputation among customers, increasing the company’s credibility in the eyes of partners, motivation of employees, minimizing the costs of company’s activities (e.g. by reducing the amount of waste generated and the cost of their utilization, reducing pollution, etc.), increasing work safety, creating new products and technologies as well as new markets based on environmentally friendly processes.

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